Another view of Eas...

Another view of Eastern Market  


Beckie Dicks
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September 16, 2019 8:08 pm  

First post here...

DSC 6140
DSC 6130
DSC 6126
DSC 6123
DSC 6116
DSC 6106
DSC 6103
DSC 6098

I was at Eastern Market on Saturday as well (thanks for organizing, Raaj); here are some of my favorites. I'd love suggestions and critiques.

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September 17, 2019 8:03 am  

Hi Beckie,

Glad to see your images! You have a wide range of subjects and compositions here.  

My comments:

#1:  Very nice capture of geometry.  Suggestion - consider burning the top left corner so that it is better matched to the other corners.  Might be worth playing with the shadows a bit to see if the dark areas of the image might be amenable to more of a tonal gradient.

#2: Nice range of tones and a dramatic sky.  Suggestion - consider if the foreground is all needed for your composition

#3: is an interesting composition but I think the focus is a bit off and makes it not work for me.  #4 is better from that perspective.

#5:  Striking geometry.  I'd be tempted to bring down the areas outside the center, in the four corners, down in luminosity to see what happens.

#6: Beautiful capture of the light - the vegetables appear luminous and seem to glow.  I'd be tempted to lift the shadows in the background a bit and also consider a square crop.

#7:  I like your composition and the idea.  I'd definitely crop out the printing on the box.

#8:  Very interesting composition!  I saw you shooting this and was wondering what your perspective composition was.  I like the playoff of the dull, inorganic rusted metal versus the bright, organic flowers.  I'd suggest looking at the top of the frame to see if you need all of it.  I also wonder h0w two frames - one with the metal in focus and the other with the flowers, merged together would look.  Difficult, if not impossible to do without a tripod, for sure.

Hope that helps.  Look forward to seeing more.  Thanks for sharing!


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Beckie Dicks
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September 17, 2019 6:29 pm  


Thank you so much for your helpful suggestions, Raaj! Your comments addressed several of the issues I was struggling with in editing. I agree about 3 and 4, but something in 3 spoke to me. I wish I had taken the picture with more care. My crop on the squash was square at first, but I liked it better when I added the lighting on the potatoes back in. Honestly, the glowing squash had originally caught my eye, but I was trying very hard to like the picture at all when I was editing.  Thanks also for your comments on composition and lighting. Live and learn!!