Nikon Z7 - First im...

Nikon Z7 - First impressions  


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October 15, 2018 5:33 pm  

This isn't a review and it certainly won't have images for a couple of weeks as I am traveling and away from home a lot, but I hope to post a bunch of images from the camera over the next couple of months.

First impressions:

Z7 Body:

Size:  Tiny!  If I recall correctly, the body is as big (or small) as the OMD EM5.  My daughter has possession of the OMD and she's away at school so memory will have to serve here.  It is also astonished light.  Astonishingly, because I spent two weeks hauling the 645Z and a collection of lenses weighing over 50 lbs all over Point Lobos, so I'm blown away by size and weight.

Ergonomics:  Nikon know how to build cameras.  The controls, the buttons and the spatial positioning of it all is pretty easy to get used to.  It makes sense logically.  Nothing seems awkward to my hands.  The control interface is pretty straightforward.  The top display and combination of big beautiful LCD + the EVF take care of everything needed for easy adjustment without menu-diving.  The menus are clean in the typical Nikon way.  If you own or have familiarity with a Nikon DSLR, you'll be right at home immediately.

EVF:  Can't believe it is an EVF at times - it is that close to an OVF.  Again, the only EVF that I have for comparison (from memory) is the OMD.  Again, the Z7 is in a totally different league.

I shot a bit with the 24-70/4, which again is tiny compared to the 24-70/2,8 F mount lens.  IQ seems very good.  Again, when I return home and have the chance to examine images critically on my workstation, I'll have more.  Autofocus is very, very quick, even in low light - I was walking around at twilight.  Now I don't use autofocus at all usually, so I'm not qualified to necessarily comment on this but it appears quick and did not seem to hunt, something that I have seen in the past with the D810, the D3X and F-mount lenses.

I will try to set up the wireless transfer via Snapbridge tomorrow and see how that works to my MacBook and the iPad.  I think if I set the image quality to RAW+Jpeg and then set the picture control to Monochrome, I think it becomes a monochrome camera, at least in terms of image on the EVF and for review.  At least that is how it worked, if I remember correctly on the D810.  Also the OMD, now to think of it.  If so, this becomes a terrific tool to "see" in monochrome.

If I weren't shooting MF with the Pentax, which I am enamored with because the RAW files out of that camera have to be seen to be believed, I'd be done with DSLRs totally and the move to the Z7 is a no-brainer.

Next on the list when I have some more time it so try out MF AI and AIS lenses with the FTZ adapter to see what happens.  Also eager to try the Leica M-mount lenses on the Z via an adapter that I hope to have soon.

David, think 60-Hex and 75 'Lux on the Z7, deadly focus accuracy wide open via EVF and focus-peaking/magnification!  To say nothing of the Noct-Nikkor and the Zeiss manual glass!  I can hear Kevin salivating already... 😀

Herb/John - you guys get one/planning to get one?