Evening Color Over ...

Evening Color Over the Broad River  


Lloyd Bloom
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December 29, 2020 11:33 pm  

We've had marvelously clear skies and highs in the 60's the past few days and I wanted to take advantage of the evening colors before it starts raining tomorrow.  That thin strip of orange below the distant tree line is the Broad River, about 1.5 miles wide, starting about a half-mile across the marsh from where I was standing.  If you look closely, you'll notice that I accidentally captured the "Great Conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn - 7 days too late (although I did view it when it actually occurred).

201228 Habersham Evening 43

Sunsets are difficult, so I chose after sunset.  Still, I wonder where I could improve this.  The color is intense, which is one of the objectives, but I wonder if it could be a bit less so and still come off well.  But, reducing vibrance & saturation, or local color adjustments to luminosity tended to flatten the image or introduce banding.  I'd be interested in your thoughts.


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Donna Macauley
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December 30, 2020 8:19 am  

I like the colors. I think it's hard to not get color saturation with sunrise or sunset images. Nature makes the colors saturated for you. 😊