Surfing The Waves

Surfing The Waves  


Larry Leonard
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July 28, 2019 9:48 pm  

For sometime, I have wanted to photograph and produce a black and white image of Aqua--an iconic Chicago architectural wonder by Jeanne Gang.  The day has finally arrived!

To capture views of nearby landmarks for Aqua residents,  Gang stretched its balconies outward by as much as 12 feet.  The result is a building composed of irregularly shaped concrete floor slabs which lend the facade an undulating, sculptural quality.  Gang cites the striated limestone outcroppings that are a common topographic feature of the Great Lakes region as inspiration for these slabs.  

For me, the structure brings to life the waves of Lake Michigan as they constantly embrace the shoreline gently or with great fury at other times.  The image below, best viewed full screen, was conceived as a whimsical, midnight moment of surfing those waves on a clear, warm Chicago summer evening. 

As always, comments are most welcome.

Building View 3 (15) 10.75X13.75 IMG 0086