DxO PhotoLab 3 Rele...

DxO PhotoLab 3 Released  


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October 25, 2019 5:47 pm  


DxO Photolab 3 has hit the shelves.  Some interesting new features including powerful color manipulation tools.

More about it here - https://www.dxo.com/dxo-photolab/

I have been a user of DxO since the early days.  Not sure if I'll upgrade this go-around as I do much of my image manipulation in PS CC, but how knows?  I may be tempted to upgrade especially if I upgrade my OS to Catalina.  DxO's Raw Conversion is terrific and I will continue to use that.  For noisy images, their Prime Noise Reduction Algorithm is very, very good.  Their lens correction and geometry management with ViewPoint is also excellent and I will continue to use those.

Anyone else here use DxO?