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LightZone - A Very Capable Free Tool  


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January 1, 2020 10:11 am  


I want to draw your attention to LightZone - a very capable image editing tool with some very unique capabilities.  I had purchased LZ in the ver 1.0 days when it was a commercial product.  Eventually, the creator of the product open-sourced the code and it is now free.  What initially attracted me to LZ was it's ability to let you edit in Zones (Zone System), resulting in a very powerful way to manipulate tonal distributions and very powerful for B&W.  Also terrific for color. Totally non destructive workflow - original RAW files are not touched.  16-bit linear color space for an extremely large gamut, powerful RAW profiling allows users to create custom profiles, terrific selection and masking.  Tone-mapping for single-image extended dynamic range images. Great B&W conversions. 

There are a ton of videos showing how it works here -

It's a worthy tool to have in your image processing toolbox.  Check it out!


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