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[Sticky] Useful Links for Software, Firmware Downloads, etc.  


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Image Review/Processing Tools: 

Adobe - Makers of Photoshop & Lightroom (and a ton or other products)

DxO - Makes of Photolab, an excellent RAW converter & also the Nik Suite

Raw Photo Processor (RPP) - One of the best RAW converters period.  Highly capable with high-precision math used for all calculations.  Super powerful and capable of extracting incredible detail from RAW files.  Steep learning curve!

Iridient Digital - Maker of the excellent RAW converter Iridient Developer

Topaz Labs - Makes of a whole slew of photography tools

AutoFX Software - Makers of interesting photo tools

Fast Raw Viewer (FRV) - "The Only Real WYSIWYG Raw Viewer" - Best $20 I ever spent!  Fast, great for culling images before import.  Crucial part of my workflow.  Also check out their RawDigger if you want to get deep into Raw files.

Operating System Tools:

Daisy Disk - Mac OS Disk Usage Visualization 


Cameras & Lenses:

Canon:  &  Canon Firmware Downloads 

Nikon:  & Nikon Firmware Downloads

Fujifilm:  & Fuji Firmware Downloads

Pentax (Now part of Ricoh):  & Firmware Downloads

Leica Camera:  & Firmware Downloads

Sigma:  & Firmware Downloads

More coming, but thought I'd get this out there.  If you have any links to suggest, please let me know and I'll add them here.