Please Be Safe  


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March 24, 2020 4:52 pm  


I hope all of you and your families continue to be healthy and remain safe in these trying times. 

I have battled a nasty bug for the past couple of months and seem to just be getting over it when this pandemic hit.  My wife and I have isolated ourselves at home, despite what the morons in the US Administration appears to be telling people.  We will continue to do so over the next many weeks as I do not wish to become another person transmitting the virus on to others.  Like most of you, I have relatives that are in their 80s, who are a high-risk group, so want to make sure I don't infect anyone like that.

With the volume of work slowing down, we may all have more time to devote to photography and post-processing!  I am hoping to fire up some new gear that just got delivered and make images that I hope to share soon.  Glad to see the recent forum activity - if you find time on your hands, please do share images and participate in the critiques and conversation.

A big hug to you all.  Be well and continue to make art!