Three Poppies In Ac...

Three Poppies In Acrylic  


Larry Leonard
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May 21, 2019 9:47 pm  

In January of 2018, I enrolled in my first painting course.  Prior to that time, I had no training in painting or drawing.  Raaj has encouraged me to post these paintings saying,  "They will find them interesting."  Remember, when you can't think of a comment, you can say, "Interesting!"

 I offer these paintings, not as exquisite works of art, but as my art.  Photography has significantly helped my painting.  But,  I am not giving up my camera gear yet!

 Also, I am attaching a picture of our living room.  I am amazed at the extent to which these poppies have brought new life to this area in our home.


IMG 5650
IMG 5649
IMG 5648

IMG 5647

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May 23, 2019 11:51 am  


Thanks for posting these.  These paintings show a distinctive style.  I am always in awe of people who are artists in more than one medium.  

Great stuff!