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Lighting with V-Flats Part 3 - Wine Bottle  


John Motzi
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October 20, 2019 2:34 pm  

This time we will light a wine bottle using v-flats. 

V Flat Lighting 00265

Here is the setup:

 DSF0344 Edit Panorama

There are two floor standing v-flats - essentially giant versions of the ones we used for the flowers - positioned in opposition just as we did with the flowers.  A studio LED lamp can be placed on the floor pointing into the vertex of the v-flat.  In front of the white v-flats and to the side of the wind bottle, there are 2 clack v-flats used to block and control the light that hits the wine bottle.  What we are trying to create is an edge lighting effect.  It's not essential that these are v-flats, but they are so easy to use because they are free standing and easy to adjust.  Using binder clips I attached some white paper to the black v-flats to help provide the right amount of light on the bottle.  Once again - experimentation is the key.  Finally I added a tiny LED lamp to illuminate the bottle label and another one to illuminate the background.  I am not sure why I added that last light on the background (hey it was 7 years ago!), but I'm sure it was important 🙂  It may have been turned off for all I know.

OK by now you are tired of reading about my experiments with v-flats and it's time to go and do your own experiments.  Have fun!

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