Obtaining Absolutel...

Obtaining Absolutely Neutral B&W Prints on Canon Pixma Pro-100  


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July 4, 2019 10:43 am  


The Canon Pixma Pro-100 is a very capable printer and when Canon rebates are on, which is very frequent, one can get this printer at a ridiculous price.  I grabbed one a while ago and recently managed to find timne to set it up.  A bit of research on the Internet will tell you that a lot of people do not get neutral B&W prints from this printer - some get sepia/brownish tints to B&W prints, others get greenish tints.

I've managed to get absolutely neutral B&W images from my Pro-100 and though I'd share how I went about doing that.

Just for context, I'm printing from a Mac Pro 2013 to the Canon Pro-100, connected via USB. I've turned off the Wifi on the printer. [To turn Wifi Off on the printer, press and hold the middle button on the printer and carefully count the power light flashes. release the middle button immediately after 12 flashes and the blue light on the Wifi button should go off, turning Wifi off]. I'm using Qimage One and PrintFab, both running on the Mac Pro.

I started out with printing on Kirkland Professional Glossy Inkjet Photo paper from Costco. The first print I made after I set up the printer, I left the profile set to Plain paper by mistake and the print came out with a ghastly green tint. Changing that to the Canon Glossy profile and the Canon Platinum profile in PrintFab made a set of prints with varying levels of "warmth", a brownish, sepia-ish tone. While the prints are pleasing, I prefer perfectly neutral B&W prints, so I began a set of experiment with both paper profile choices and a variety of points where Color Management occurred (in PS CC, in Qimeage One, In PrintFab).

Long story short, eight 8.5 x 11 prints later I have a perfectly neutral print on Kirkland Glossy! Here is what I did:

1. Set Qimage One to let PintFab manage color:

Qimage One

(Thanks to Keith Cooper of Northlight Images for his excellent test image that I used for my tests)

2. In PrintFab, set the following:

For Kirkland Glossy, I found Canon GlossyPhoto GP-501 to be the best profile from a print neutrality perspective. Quality was set to 9600 DPI and Dithering to Error Diffusion (PrintFab Default). All other PrintFab sliders were left at their defaults.

Qimage One 2

3. This one turned out to be the MOST important setting:

Setting the PrintFab Mode to Color RGB!!! Setting this to "Grayscale" results in Sepia-ish prints, which is somewhat counter-intuitive. All other settings were left at their defaults.

Qimage One 3

It only took 8 prints and lots of head-scratching and thinking about Color Management to get here, so I'm very pleased!

Quite pleased with the Canon Pro-100 and looking forward to making prints of my own images. Hopefully this is of use to some of you that print with the Pro-100.

BTW, PritnFab is an excellent RIP for the Mac that is relatively low cost and does an outstanding job.  Check it out here - https://www.printfab.net.  Qimage One is a Mac "version" of the popular Qimage printing program that many swear by.  Unfortunately Qimage is PC only but Qimage One is a Mac version that does not have all the functionality of Qimage on the PC but is very capable, nonetheless and cheap!  Check it out here - https://www.binartem.com/qimageone/