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Securely Erasing Memory Cards - MacOS  


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May 26, 2019 11:28 am  

Merely formatting a card in camera or via computer does not erase all the data on the card.  To secure erase your memory cards, here's what you can do on MacOS:

1.  Insert you card into a card reader attached to your Mac.  Fire up Disk Utility and select the "drive" representing your card to be erased.  Caution:  Selecting the wrong drive will result in the wrong drive getting securely erased!  Make sure you select the card to be erased, and not your boot disk, for example!!!  Then, Click the "Erase" button.

Disk Utility

2.  In the dialog box that opens up, select "Security Options"

Disk Utility 2

3.  There are four positions on the Security Options slider.  These range from the left-most one which is no security, to the right-most which is DoD compliant secure erase!!

Screenshot 5 26 19  11 14 AM

4.  Pick the security option and let Disk Utility to it's job!  Please note that depending on the security level, the process can take some time - the DoD option writes data seven times!!  Once this is done, most likely only the NSA has the ability to recover the erased files! 🤣